Manycinemas publishes its online journal twice a year. It dedicates each issue an own topic, such as urban/rural (first Issue) travelling (second Issue), etc. though please have a look at our current call for paper. Please send us your proposal (and a brief CV) in which you raise a question and show us how you want to answer it. For us, it is important, to know which films you would like to describe, thus we have the chance to know (or to watch) the film. If your proposal is accepted we will inform you within 2 weeks after deadline.

Your Article should include 3000 up to 5000 words. Send your article attached in -.odt (OpenOffice/Libre Office) or -.doc (Word) format. Use only few formatting such as italics. Give your text a flat structure. Give us a short summary (the essence of your text) in four small sentences & three or four tags/keywords (nation, genre, etc.) to advertise your article on our web-page.

Please follow our styleguide and add your film sources. Your article should not be first published elsewhere. But you are free to re-publish your article with the mention, that it appeared first in manycinemas.

Please ensure that pictures you use are free-licensed, or you have got the copyright.

For screenshots of films, please do not change them or cut them into format, because German copyright law allows to use a screenshot as quotation if it is linked to the text and not changed (by cuttings or exchange colours). Happily, we are resident in Berlin.

 We do not publish film critics, festival reports, or book reviews on our journal page. For these things we will start our blog soon.