CFP Archive

Here, you can find our older CfPs:

CFP 01: Urban/Rural

“Many Cinemas” seeks for papers which enriches the discussion on film theory and aesthetics of non-western movies. We would like to invite any researcher all over the world to participate in “Many Cinemas”. We welcome papers on the topic of urban/rural in films of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

CFP 02: Travelling

MANY CINEMAS seeks for articles on cinema which focus on travelling - and just like our maxim - in the non-western cinemas of the world like Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

CFP 03: “Dread, Ghost, Specter, and Possession”

For our third issue (Spring 2012) we look for articles on the topics: DREAD, GHOST, SPECTER and POSSESSION in Asian, African and Latin American Cinema. Have a look on our Call for papers (Deadline for proposals 15/08/11).

CFP 04: Love

manycinemas is looking for LOVE! For our fourth issue, we invite academic and critical articles on the subject “Love” in films from Africa, Asia, or Latin America. But, it is important: these films should be not romantic movies or melodramas.