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18/01/2012 18:11 by Michael Christopher

manycinemas is looking for LOVE! For our fourth issue (autumn 2012), we invite academic and critical articles on the subject “Love” in films from Africa, Asia, or Latin America. But, it is important: these films should be not romantic movies or melodramas.

Love [noun]

1.a strong feeling of affection
2.a great interest and pleasure in something
3.a person or thing that one loves

We know so many films, which show two lovers and the way how they find each other or, in the worst case, how they depart because of some melodramatic incidents (Romeo-and-Juliette-effect). For sure, there is some kind of entertainment in these stories, but this is not that kind of love we are looking for. Isn't there anything beyond these simple plots?

We ask for articles, which explore the spheres of love in African, Asian, or Latin American movies. Possible topics are:

Love as a subplot in films
Love and passion for something: collecting, nation, sports, fandom
Unfulfilled love
Incapacity for love

We are also looking for our rubric “Beyond the Screen” for an essay on this topic, which is loosely connected to film like theater, music, dance, performance, visual culture, comic, graphic novels...

Please send us your proposal (300-500 words) with the titles of films you will include and a brief CV until 1th March 2012. Do not hesitate to mail us, if you have some questions.

The later articles should have a length of 3000 to 5000 words.

For styleguide: look here

Proposal deadline: 1. March 2012
Article deadline: 1. September 2012
Release date: Autumn 2012

Please send your proposal to

Helen Staufer and Michael Christopher

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